With his creation, the sculptor Miquel Condal wants to express a depth greeting homage to the Earth and its gifts. It is because the human being in a brutal and insensible way plunders the nature only according to the economic market.

The final purpose of the sculptor is to receive again the mineral and return it to its original situation, the Earth, but creating a unity of harmony and beauty to arouse the interest of the viewer and obtain respect to the Earth in different ways

The sculptor, when moulding the sand, participates to the creation of a bridge to connect the mineral and the human being in order to facilitate energetic canals. In this way the communication between the physic and the spiritual part is possible.

With all of that we contribute to stimulate:

The universal love , based on the respect of every level of life expression.

The inner peace , to understand that everything gives support to us and to know that we are where we have to be.

The joy of enjoys the harmony and beauty that the planet offers us.

The knowledge that permits us to relax and understand that the human being does not control life elements, that these elements are a mystery and we only incorporate them in our life actions.

The health , to help our body to recover the balance of its energetic vibration.


When and how we get it will depend on everyone and on everyone’s beliefs.