At any moment of our life, the people who value minerals, we have had a stone, a mineral or any rock, which we have felt linked. When we have paid attention to it, we have perceived a feeling of peace and harmony with the nature who has given us real comfort moments.


It could be that stone which you found one day, or that one that some really close person gave to you.

This mineral or that stone which means so much for you but you have not already find the place in your home to feel it closer.

Now you can get a personalized whole which can help you at any moment.

The sculptor Miquel Condal, suggests us to be the creators of our own sculpture, to take out this inexplicable feeling .

The grandeur of the sculpture art lives in the no word communication, an image, a shape, a feature can give shape to something that we are not able to define with words.



To do that, the sculptor only needs that you give him that mineral, stone or rock and once he has been in tune with its vibration, he could develop the best creation to promote all its essence and to enhance its beauty.