The original sculptor Miquel Condal establishes a personal way of communication between the minerals and himself, in order to be able to give shape and colour to his sculptures.


This process is done depending on the particular mineral vibration. We have to take into account that minerals are extremely demanding when integrating inside a volume. The labour of choosing the enamels and other elements to compound the sculpture is very important because it has to be done with a great sensibility and subtle perception between the artist and the mineral, in order to create an environment where we can recreate wonderful nature’s creations.


From the artistic point of view, the sculptor, using different techniques at high temperatures, iron and enamels besides the mineral, he creates singular and original textures which harmonize with geometrical and special volumes, and always taking into account depth intentions. In these intentions take part neorealism, imagination and the synthetic knowledge that means that we eliminate accessories to leave only those indispensable and necessary parts to enjoy the result visually and mentally.


The sculptor, following the original essence of his purpose, has the pseudonym which he signs his work.


It is the contraction of “Cristalls i terres”.